About US

The mission of the Academy of Sleep and Wellness is to cultivate knowledge and facilitate education in public, patient, professional and corporate communities on the vital role sleep plays in promoting and maintaining health and quality of life.

The ACADEMY OF SLEEP AND WELLNESS was established in 2017 as an independent educational body arising from the very successful education arm of Delaware Sleep Disorder Centers. With this separation, the ACADEMY OF SLEEP AND WELLNESS brought with it technologists and educators with decades of experience in their respective fields, including the holder of the first professional Polysomnographer License ever issued in the state of Delaware.

The ACADEMY OF SLEEP AND WELLNESS provides education for many different audiences including public, patients, corporations and occupational health programs as well as current and potential health professionals. Education is available in multiple formats ranging from live in-person presentations to self-paced online programs.

About US

Grace R. Denault, BA, RPSGT, RST, CCSH

Ms. Denault has been involved with Sleep Medicine for almost 3 decades. She obtained her B.A. in Psychology from Johns Hopkins University in 1988.
She holds Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT) credential #720 (there are currently more 17,000). In addition to her RPSGT, she also received the Registered Sleep Technologist (RST) credential during its inaugural year and Certification in Clinical Sleep Health in 2017.
Her experience in sleep medicine includes front-line patient care, management, research, education and legislative activities. She has worked on item development for national sleep technologist exams.
Ms. Denault has been Secretary and President of the Delaware Sleep Society and was instrumental in shepherding the Delaware Professional Polysomnographer act into law. Ms. Denault holds the first Professional Polysomnographer license ever issued in the state of Delaware and she is a member of the Polysomnography Advisory Council to the Delaware Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline.
Ms. Denault is an instructor at Delaware Technical and Community College and at University of Delaware Professional and Continuing Studies, teaching courses related to Sleep Medicine. Ms. Denault is available to work with firms to improve protocols and facilities to increase safety and productivity from an alertness and circadian rhythms perspective. She also enjoys working with community groups as a speaker on sleep medicine topics.


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Lyron Deputy, MSN, MBA, APN-BC, CEO

Mr. Deputy received his AS from Wesley College in 1999.  After working several years in clinical settings, he returned to Wesley to earn his MSN and obtain certification as an advanced practice nurse. He also took several undergraduate business courses before earning his MBA from Wilmington University.

Mr. Deputy skillfully combined his clinical and business skills to open Delmarva Sleep Diagnostics in 2004. In 2007 the business merged with other health care organizations and a group of physicians, becoming Delaware Sleep Disorder Centers.  Most recently, in 2017, he formed The ACADEMY OF SLEEP AND WELLNESS from the successful education arm of Delaware Sleep Disorder Centers.

In addition to his role as a high profile nurse entrepreneur, Mr. Deputy is passionate about education. He has been an adjunct clinical faculty member at Wesley College since 2005 working in the clinical skills lab to help nursing students practice and refine their skills. He has worked to evolve the role of advanced practice nurse to be able to assist physicians with education and follow-up, particularly focusing on sleep medicine.  Mr. Deputy has valued and benefited from the support and encouragement from mentors throughout his education and strives to do the same for his students when they are facing challenges.

Mr. Deputy has presented research internationally including at the 27th International Nursing Research Congress in Cape Town, South Africa.