The mission of the Academy of Sleep and Wellness is to cultivate knowledge and facilitate education in public, patient, professional and corporate communities on the vital role sleep plays in promoting and maintaining health and quality of life.

In addition to exercise and nutrition, quality sleep is vital to wellness. Great sleep helps improve mood, memory, reaction time and athletic performance. Poor sleep, through established chemical reactions in the body, can lead to making unhealthy nutritional choices and decrease motivation to exercise. It can also increase risk for heart disease, stroke and automobile accidents.

Poor sleep can stem from bad habits that compromise your sleep to a multitude of sleep disorders. Although more complicated issues may involve working with a sleep medicine professional to resolve, many of these issues are easily addressed with direct patient education about the problem.

Many health care professionals are inadequately educated about sleep’s affects on the wellness of their patients. Knowledge about sleep and wellness in the hands of health care professionals can improve both the general wellness of their patients as well as improving the course of many comorbid conditions.

The ACADEMY OF SLEEP AND WELLNESS provides educational programs for a wide range of audiences from public to medical professionals.

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The Academy of Sleep and Wellness provides educational programs for individuals entering the field as well as continuing education for current health care professionals.

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