A Thank You to All Our Mothers

Written by Lorraine P. Vierzba

May, the month we honor and celebrate mothers.  A group of women, who carry, labor and endure great physical, mental, and emotional feats for no other reason than love.  From kissing baby toes to empathizing with grown children, our mothers are a constant reminder of endurance.  Women who have the stamina to carry on even when the days are long, the tasks are daunting, and sleep is non-existent.   

From late evening feeds to early morning cartoons, a mother is awake. When the baby cries, the mother is rocking, singing, and pleading for sleep.  When the toddler is awake before the early bird even thinks about getting a morning worm, the mother is reading books, building blocks, and anxious for naptime.  When the child is awake with fever and illness, the mother is monitoring, comforting, and begging for sleep.  When the teenager is out late, the mother is waiting, worrying, and in need of rest.  When the grown child leaves the nest, the mother is still on duty, watching as a piece of her heart enters a world of unknowns.  She may no longer rock her child to sleep, read bedtime stories, and give kisses goodnight, but she is awake remembering, praying, and loving her child from afar. 

“Even when a mother’s soul is tired, she finds strength for her family.”

A group of women who withstand a lifetime sentence of sleep deprivation.  We honor their sacrifices and thank them.