Nurses Love What They Do But Fatigue is Pervasive

A new Kronos Incorporated survey titled “Employee Engagement in Nursing” finds that 93% of US-based registered nurses (RNs) are satisfied in their career choice. Despite this, nurse fatigue is a substantial issue with 98% of nurses stating that the work of a nurse is both physically and mentally demanding. Of note, 44% say that their managers don’t know how tired they are and 43% hide how tired they are from their managers. More than four out of five (83%) also say that hospitals today are losing good nurses because corporations and other employers offer a better work/life balance. The survey also finds that gaining more control over their schedules is the top factor that can help nurses alleviate a significant amount of fatigue, with more than half (55%) of nurses agreeing to it.

This national survey of 257 RNs who work in a hospital setting was designed to look at the issue of fatigue in nursing, and also what nurses and their hospitals are doing about it. The data shows that nurses, while satisfied with their career choice, are definitely fatigued.

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