Spring Has Sprung But Is Your Sleep Falling Flat?

Spring Has Sprung But Is Your Sleep Falling Flat?

by Lorraine P. Vierzba

Spring is FINALLY here! After months of enduring cold temperatures, brutal winds and wintry precipitations, so many of us are eager to open the windows and smell that fresh spring air…unless you are one of the millions of individuals who suffer from seasonal allergies. Too many of us are familiar with the dreaded symptoms – coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, a runny nose and even a scratchy throat. In severe cases allergies can induce rashes, hives, troubled breathing and asthma attacks.

Allergic rhinitis, commonly referred to as “Hay Fever”, attacks allergy sufferers through a wide arsenal of spring time weapons – mold, dust mites, tree and grass pollen. Many of us arm ourselves with boxes of tissues and antihistamines just so we can endure the days and sleep through the nights. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “the more severe your symptoms, the lower the quality of your shuteye is likely to be” (“Can’t Sleep? These Allergens,” n.d.). Poor sleep magnifies overall physical and emotional symptoms of drowsiness and irritability in addition to weakening the body’s ability to maintain a strong immune system.

In an effort to help those plagued with seasonal allergies survive this blossoming season, here are some helpful tips:

  • Wash out your nasal passages
  • Invest in an antihistamine that will help ease your allergy symptoms without disrupting your sleep
  • Keep your house and car windows shut. On warmer days turn on your A.C. and ceiling fans (be sure to check for any dust)
  • Monitor the pollen count and avoid being outside if reports indicate high pollen levels wherever you are going.
  • Shower before bed

Until spring is no longer in the air, stay strong allergy sufferers. Summer is near!



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